Plastic Fantastic

Isabelle Willinger


“The global plastic crisis is dismantled and reassembled in a well-researched, cinematic film that not only points to the problems, but also to possible solutions. Probably the most important climate film of the year, with an attentive eye on greenwashing and climate racism.” (CPH:DOX 2023)


»Breathtaking and eye-opening« (DOK.fest Munich)
»A haunting masterpiece« (Festival des deutschen Films)
»Probably the most important climate film of the year« (CPH:DOX)

Preise & Festivals

CPH:DOX, Copenhagen, March 2023
Movies That Matter, The Hague, NL
Int. Documentary Film Festival, Munich
Filmfest Emden-Norderney
Siciliambiente Film Festival, Sicily, IT
Filmkunstwochen Munich
Dokufest Prizren, Kosovo
HEIMAT EUROPA Filmfestspiele, Simmern
Rab Film Festival, Croatia
Festival des deutschen Films, Ludwigshafen
Frankfurt Weltkulturen Museum @ Naxos Kino
Warsaw Film Festival, Poland
Cambridge Film Festival, UK
Another Way Film Festival Madrid, Spain
Silbersalz Filmfestival Halle
Science & Fiction Festival Trieste, IT
Black Nights Film Festival Tallinn, Estonia
Films For Future Film Festival, Zurich, CH
Throwaway documentary screenings Brüssel / Haus der Europäischen Geschichte 2023
Lüneburger Umwelt-Filmtage 2023
This Human World Film Festival 2023 – Changing Environment
GZDOC Golden Kapok Competition 2023 – Short List